Disability Services Training and Consulting Services

Effective Success Practices LLC’s disability services consulting was founded to share knowledge acquired over years working in the niche field of transition services. We believe you will find this knowledge to be invaluable to students, parents, and high school personnel alike.

Comprehensive transition planning is important so that students and parents are best prepared for life after high school graduation. The lack of disability supports available after graduation from the K-12 system often shocks parents. Child study teams too often offer false hope to students and parents that their local community college has supports available, or even a program for special needs students.

In reality, only a handful of colleges across the country offer intensive supports for students with intellectual/developmental disabilities. All colleges are mandated by Section 504 and the ADA to offer basic postsecondary disability services to students with disabilities via academic accommodations, but the level and quality of supports varies greatly from school to school. The majority of students with psychiatric/psychological disabilities and veterans do not take advantage of the academic accommodations that are available, accommodations that could help them be more successful in their college courses.

Allow ESP LLC to share years of expertise gained firsthand from working in high schools and colleges teaching and supporting secondary and postsecondary students with disabilities.

ESP LLC services:

  • Comprehensive individualized consultations
  • Lively in-depth small and large group training presentations

Popular topics covered:

  • Disability Awareness
  • Educational Coaching: Academic Skills, Executive Functioning Skills, and Self-Advocacy Skills
  • Postsecondary Disability Support Services Assessments (Academic Accommodations and Assistive Technology)
  • Universal Design Principles for Accessible Course Content (UDL/UDI): professional development for secondary/university faculty, administrators and support staff
  • Transition Planning

Presentations with a Twist… Thinking of an idea you do not see mentioned? Looking for information? Contact us to learn how we can be of assistance. We never stop brainstorming for new presentation ideas.

  • –Just want advice or direction? E-consultations available
  • –Have other needs? Custom multi-topic presentations upon request
  • –Aim topics at students or professional development of support staff