Transition Planning 101

Four puzzle pieces labeled:Future planning, employment, self-advocacy, Independent livingThe difference between high school and college-level classroom accommodations often surprises students and parents. Transition Planning 101 reviews best practices in transition planning to help special education teachers, child study team members, transition specialists, parents and others who work with students with disabilities (SWD), understand the differences between services in high school and those available at colleges, universities and the workplace.

Participants will gain knowledge of the changes from IDEA to ADA AA, review a point-by-point comparison of high school and college for SWD, identify over 20 realistic transition activities to include in every IEP, recognize the importance of student self-identification at college and/or the workplace, and examine the proper steps to self-identifying in an academic setting after high school.

Participants will receive a generic Transition Plan and handouts they can immediately use with any SWD interested in attending college.

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Purchase a sample Transition Plan with over 25 realistic and measurable activities for grades 9-12.