Federal Goverment Mandates Accessible and Affordable Textbooks

The Higher Education and Opportunity Act (HEOA) includes a provision designed to lower the costs of course materials and increase the transparency of their prices. The central features of this new provision are requirements for textbook publishers and institutions of higher education that will provide greater transparency of pricing information at the time faculty members select texts for the classes they teach and when students register for classes.

Look up the textbooks needed ahead of time in order to buy them cheaper online. Better yet, buy or rent an accessible, digital format. Accessible alternate formats allow students to utilize a wide variety of assistive technologies (AT).

Using AT can help students best use their time by studying smarter, not harder:

  • Read through assignments faster and with better comprehension (stop reading the same paragraph over and over!)
  • Search for keywords (jump instantly to any page in the book with the word or phrase you are looking for–study faster!)
  • Listen to reading assignments anywhere anytime (listen on an MP3 player, laptop, netbook, desktop computer, smartphone, Kindle, Nook, or just about any tablet or handcomputer!)

booklook™ is Follett’s solution for the Higher Education and Opportunity Act (HEOA) provision of course material information disclosure.

booklook™ ties directly to a school’s online course schedule, leveraging the bookstore and efollett.com database to display author, title, ISBN and all the information required for full compliance with HEOA legislation at the time registration begins for each semester.

Online Textbook Vendors

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