Mathematics Practices

Math Test Anxiety

Don’t panic! Feeling nervous about math is very common. Do you…

  • feel NERVOUS before a math test?
  • PANIC and freeze while taking math tests?
  • feel HELPLESS doing your homework?
  • think that it’s HOPELESS – you just don’t get math, never will, so there’s no sense even trying?

Foundational Math Skills  

I have difficulty calculating answers to problems with whole numbers or fractions (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division).

DRAW for Basic Math

I have difficulty solving word problems in math.

FASTDRAW for Basic Math

I have difficulty determining “greater than,” “less than,” 
or “equal to” when comparing numbers.


Pre-algebra & Beginning Algebra

I have difficulty using the Commutative Property 
of addition and multiplication (24 + 49 = 49 + 25).


I have difficulty using the Associative Property 
of addition and multiplication 
2 x 45 x 12 = 2 x (45 x 12).


I have difficulty using the Distributive Property 
8(7 + 6) = 8 x 7 + 8 x 6.


I have difficulty solving problems using Order of Operations (e.g., problems that have more than one operations sign: 3 + 5 x 6  5).


I have difficulty adding positive and negative numbers.


I have difficulty determining square roots of numbers.


I have difficulty solving one-variable algebra equations 
(e.g., 4a + 2a + 4 = 28).

DRAW for Algebra

I have difficulty solving word problems in algebra.

FASTDRAW for Algebra


Online Math Help

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