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graphic of notebook showing "goal setting" in the middle and the words "measurable" "targeted" and "action orientated" all pointing towards "goal setting"Transition planning is federally required for all students who have an IEP. Transition planning should begin with the first IEP that is in effect when the student turns 16, or younger if determined to be necessary by the IEP team. In order for students to achieve their measurable post-school goals, the IEP must include a description of the transition services needed to help the student move from high school into the adult world. The transition plan section of the IEP is a long-term individualized plan that addresses future goals at a minimum in the three areas required by IDEA 2004: education/ training, employment, and independent living. ESP LLC suggests beginning transition activities at age 14, or the 9th grade, so the student has 4 full years to work on these activities.

Immediately have 38 realistic and measurable activities in your hands.

Be prepared at your next IEP meeting with these activities you have already reviewed and are requesting be added to your teen’s IEP.

ESP LLC can either email a PDF version of the Transition Plan or mail a hard copy.

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