The 411 on Disability Disclosure: A Workbook for Youth with Disabilities

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The 411 on Disability Disclosure: A Workbook for Youth with Disabilities is designed for youth and adults working with them to learn about disability disclosure. This workbook helps young people make informed decisions about whether or not to disclose their disability and understand how that decision may impact their education, employment, and social lives. Based on the premise that disclosure is a very personal decision, the Workbook helps young people think about and practice disclosing their disability.

The workbook does not tell a young person what to do. Rather, it helps them make informed decisions about disclosing their disability, decisions that will affect their educational, employment, and social lives.

MS Word versions of the 411 on Disability Disclosure Workbook are designed specifically for those visitors using screen readers and/or braille translators. Phrases such as “pullout” and “sidebar” will be used throughout the Word documents to give readers with low vision and/or blindness a better understanding of how the text is laid out in the PDF version (with complete graphics). In addition, tables and charts within the documents will be reformatted for clarity.

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Download the entire 411 on Disability Disclosure Guidebook in PDF* (99 pages/397KB) or read the guide in MS Word (85 pages).
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Each of the eight units and the accompanying activities and appendices can be separately downloaded below in PDF or MS Word. Also available individually are the cover letter and introduction, and the disclosure glossary.


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